Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ridge Gourd Pepper Gravy (Kootu)

I usually make this dish when someone in the house has cold or cough. Pepper helps as an expectorant. Its a very simple recipe. Can also be made with any type of beans.

1 medium sized ridge gourd peeled and cubed
1.5 cups cooked and mashed toor daal
1/2 cup peanuts
1 tablespoon urad daal
1 teaspoon whole black pepper corns
1 tablespoon coconut
few curry leaves
1/2 teaspoon ghee
1/2 teaspoon cummin

Method: Roast urad daal, black pepper, cummin, curry leaves and asefotedia in ghee until urad daal turns light brown and pepper corns splutter. Grind the roasted ingredients with coconut and keep it aside. (Water can be added to grind to a smooth paste)

In a vessel, cook peanuts and ridge gourd with some water. When the gourd and peanuts are almost cooked, add toor daal and the ground mixture. Add salt as per taste and bring the gravy to a boil. Garnish with fresh curry leaves. Serve with rice or chapathi.


Seema said...

I love pepper kootu very much. Isn't it very soothing in winter.

Vini K said...

never had pepper kootu before bubbalili..must try it once.

Bubbalili said...

Yup pepper kootu is definitely soothing. Thanks
You shud try it, do keep me posted with the results.